Arlington Supercross 2017 – SoCal SuperTrucks

StadiumThe Monster Energy Supercross series headed to Arlington Texas for Round 6 of the 2017 season. The track would prove to be quite a challenge for a lot of teams this weekend. Not only were there multiple wrecks, but there were also multiple bike failures.

Blake Baggett #4RMATVMC KTM
Baggett_SX17_Arlington_JK_1028Blake Baggett would start the day off on a high note with the fourth fastest lap time in qualifying. When the gate dropped in his heat race, he would come out of the first turn in a solid third place. Putting in consistent laps and riding smart, he would finish the race in 3rd place to earn a spot in the Main Event.
In the Main Event, Blake would round the first turn in the middle of the pack and have to fight his way through traffic. Baggett_SX17_Arlington_JK_1785After making several passes, he would find himself in a respectable 6th place. With a bit of bad luck, he would hit a slick spot on the track causing him to go down and suffer damage to the controls of the bike. He had to enter the mechanics area for some repairs and would head back out to try to salvage as many points as possible. Blake would end up finishing in 17th place and would move down to 12th place in the Championship Points.
Baggett_SX17_Arlington_JK_1029 Baggett_SX17_Arlington_JK_1033 Baggett_SX17_Arlington_JK_1035 Baggett_SX17_Arlington_JK_1783 Baggett_SX17_Arlington_JK_1788 Baggett Blake-Baggett-3-1

Davi Millsaps #18RMATVMC KTM
Davi got off to a good start in his heat race as he rounded the first turn in third place. Davi rode smart and put in consistent laps all the way to the checkered flag. He would end up holding his position to finish 3rd in the heat race and transfer to the Main Event.
In the Main Event, Davi went down hard in the first turn after another rider collided with him. Millsaps_SX17_Arlington_JK_1259This wreck would cause him to pull into the mechanics area for some repairs. By the time he got back on the track, he was nearly a lap down. Davi put his head down and charged to fight through traffic and earn some points. By the end of the race, Davi would end up with an amazing 8th place finish. Davi sits in 6th place in the Championship Points going into Round 7, Minneapolis, next week.
Pits_SX17_Arlington_JK_2145Davi-Millsaps-1 Millsaps_SX17_Arlington_JK_2006 Millsaps_SX17_Arlington_JK_1261

Broc Tickle #20 – Yoshimura RCH Suzuki
TickleBroc would have some trouble early on in his heat race which would put him back in the middle of the pack. He would charge and put in a great effort to earn a spot straight to the main event, but would fall short by the time the checkered flag dropped. Broc would end up in 8th place at the end of heat #1 and would take a trip to the semi.
In the semi, Tickle would get a much better start and would come out of the first turn in the fourth position. He would make quick work and move into the third spot just a couple corners later. Broc put on a charge and would finish right on the rear fender of the leader Chad Reed by the end of the race to take 2nd place and earn a spot in the Main Event.
In the Main Event, Tickle wouldn’t get the start he was hoping for which would leave him around the middle of the pack once again. Broc would stay focused and ride smart through the whole main event. Having to battle through traffic, he would make his way from Tickle211th place up to a solid 6th place where he would find himself at the end of the Main Event. Broc sits in 10th place in the Championship Points going into Minneapolis next weekend.

The 2017 Monster Energy Supercross series will head to Minneapolis next weekend for Round 7 and will be the debut race for the 250 East Coast Championship!

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