Baggett Charges to 5th, Bloss 9th at Muddy Creek MX | SoCal SuperTrucks Supported Team RMATV/MC Race Report

It was yet another top ten weekend for SoCal SuperTrucks backed Team RMATVMC-KTM-WPS as the fifth round of the 2018 Pro Motocross Championship series made it’s stop at Muddy Creek Raceway in Blountville, TN. Blake Baggett hard charged it to 5th place overall, while Benny Bloss capitalized on solid starts to score a 9th place overall finish.

Photo Credit: Kardy PhotosBaggett_MX18_JK_MuddyCreek_1057

Blake Baggett

Blake started off the day of racing qualifying with the 4th fastest time, and when it came time for the gates to drop for moto 1, he looked confident and ready.  He rocketed out off the line, and rounded the first corner just outside the top 10.  In a matter of only a few laps, Baggett would break past 10th place and then systematically pick up position after position, ultimately reaching 4th, before the checkered flag flew.

Moto 2 started with Blake again working his way from outside the top ten after the first lap. As with moto one, he would work his way to the front, taking the checkered flag in 5th place. His 4-5 score earned Blake 5th overall and 5th place in championship points.

“I felt good out there today,” said Baggett. “I didn’t have the best starts and had to work my way up through the field in both motos. I’m ready to get inside the top three next weekend at Southwick.”

Benny Bloss

Benny Bloss‘s day started on the gas, posting the 8th fastest qualifying time. Benny put that speed to good use in moto 1, getting a good jump off the gate to end the first lap just outside the top ten. He promptly worked his way into the top ten and while running a solid 7th place he went down with four laps to go, costing him two spots. He would remount and eventually finish the moto in 9th place.

In moto 2, another good jump off the gate propelled Benny to 4th place at the end of lap one. Bloss battled inside the top ten the entire moto, taking the checkered flag in 8th place. His 9-8 score earned him 9th overall, and Benny continues to hold down 7th place in championship points.

“Today, my starts were a huge benefit,” said Bloss. “I had two good starts, and that really helped me stay inside the top ten. We’ll do some work this week and look forward to a top ten finish at Southwick.”

Dakota Alix was still sidelined and did not suit up for Muddy Creek. Both Dakota and the team are planning for his return to action at Southwick this coming weekend.

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