Bogle Earns 7th, Baggett 8th at Houston SX | SoCal SuperTrucks Supported Team Rocky MountainATV/MC Race Report

It was a top ten night for Team Rocky Mountain ATV/MC -KTM-WPS as round 13 of the 2019 AMA Supercross season visited NRG Stadium in Houston, TX this past Saturday night for what was the third and final triple crown race of the season.

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Blake Baggett began the first of three main events just outside the top ten. He set his sights ahead and worked his way inside the top ten, and took the checkered flag in 9th. In main event two, Blake would get a good jump and put himself inside the top ten early on in the race. He maintained the speed, hitting his lines every lap, to cross the finish line in 9th place. The third and final main event saw Blake starting mid-pack, forcing him to put in work to make his way through the field. He would make his way up to 6th before the checkered flag flew, earning his best finish of the night a final result of 8th place on the night.

“It wasn’t the night I had hoped‘ said Baggett. “My starts were not there tonight, which made it difficult to move forward. We will go back this week, make a few changes and be ready to get back on the podium in Nashville next week.”

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Justin Bogle shot out of the gate for Main Event One and rounded the first turn inside the top ten. This good start allowed him to battle it out within the top ten, riding to an 8th place finish. Justin came out pumped up for Main Event two, as he made it around the first turn again in the top ten. He looked confident on the technical Houston track and kept riders behind him at bay riding to 5th place, his best finish of the night. Another good jump out of the gate would give the #29 an advantage in the third main event, getting to that first turn inside the top ten yet again. He would battle for position throughout the race and crossed the checkered flag in 7th place, resulfting in 7th overall for the night.

“My starts were there tonight,” said Bogle. “It feels good to have a night like I did, as I was having fun out there. We are working hard each week and I am feeling more confident each race. We will continue to move forward and be ready for Nashville next week.”

Team Rocky Mountain ATV/MC – KTM – WPS will now head to Nashville, TN as the 14th round of Supercross visits Nissan Stadium for the first time in the series history.

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