Difficult Night for Baggett, Bogle at Anaheim 2 | SoCal SuperTrucks Supported Team RMATV/MC Race Report

It proved to be a difficult night for Team Rocky Mountain ATV/MC -KTM-WPS for the first Triple Crown Event of the season as round 3 returned to Angels Stadium in Anaheim, CA this past Saturday night.

Photo: Kardy Photos

Blake Baggett

As the gates dropped for the first main event, Blake Baggett shot off the line, rounding the first turn buried deep in the pack. With triple crown races being shorter, Blake started right in on working his way up through the field. However, as luck would have it, a tough block cover would get caught in his rear wheel while making a pass for 10th place, ultimately hindering his race. After a long delay, Blake recovered to finish at the end of the field, costing him any shot at a decent overall finish.

The second main event would see Blake secure a much better start that would put him inside the top ten early in the race. He did eventually slide back a few spots, and held on to finish 12th.

Blake regained his focus in the third and final main event, and would round the first turn inside the top ten. As the track deteriorated, he continued to fight for position and took the checkered flag inside the top ten in 10th place, earning him 15th place for the night.

“It was not the night I expected,” said Baggett. “ My starts were not there all night and it was tough moving forward being deep in the pack. I am happy to leave Anaheim healthy and look forward to next week in Oakland.”

Photo: Kardy Photos

Justin Bogle

Justin Bogle started main event 1 deep in the pack, and was steadily moving forward until a tangle with a downed rider ceased his momentum. He would come back in main event two with a better start out of the gate. The #19 continued to battle and finished the second main event in 18th. After making a few adjustments in-between main events, Justin propelled out of the gate in the third and final main event. This would prove to be his best ride of the night, moving up to 14th at the checkered flag. Combined with his first and second main events, Justin earned 17th place on the night.

“It was a tough night,” said Bogle. “In the first two mains I battled the track and was just frustrated with bad starts. But in the third main event when I least expected it, I actually went out to ride smooth and ended up feeling the best I had all night. It might not show on paper just yet, but I proved to myself that I am getting closer to the pack than I thought I was. All in all it was another step forward for me, and I’m looking forward to being back to the regular race format next weekend in Oakland. ”

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