Glen Helen 2017 – SoCal SuperTrucks

Round 2
of the 2017 Motocross series was at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, CA. The weather was good and the track was brutal! The track got super rough and claimed quite a few victims this weekend keeping all the riders on their toes.

Blake Baggett #4RMATVMC KTM 450SX
In Moto 1, Blake didn’t get the jump he needed and would find himself buried in the pack in about 20th place. Finding spots to make his way around riders on this rough track would be no easy task. Baggett showed his speed on his hometown track and proved that his fitness was there as he made his way up to 8th Place by the end of Moto 1.
In Moto 2, Blake rocketed out of the gate and pulled a massive wheelie down the start straight, holding that KTM 450-SX wide open! He would find himself sitting in 2nd Place on Lap 1 and begin charging to try and take over the lead. Baggett did just that and found his way around Christian Craig to lead the race! Jason Anderson was able to find a little more speed than Blake and would end up taking over the lead by the end of the race. Blake finished in 2nd Place in Moto 2 with a huge gap on the rest of the field.
Blake would end up 3rd Overall with an 8-2 finish and currently sits in 3rd Overall in the Championship Points!

Dakota Alix #70 – RMATVMC KTM 450SX
In Moto 1, Alix got a start around mid pack just in front of his teammate Blake Baggett and would have to put in a good ride to earn some points on this brutal track. Despite the brutal track conditions and the chaos from other riders, Dakota managed to keep it in the Top 20 and finished the first moto in 19th Place.
In Moto 2, Dakota would be near the middle of the pack again off the start. He would look to better his result from Moto 1 and go to work right away. Alix was consistent and held his lines. This solid ride would allow him to make a few passes and move his way up to 15th by the end of Moto 2. Dakota will continue to strive for better and better results throughout his rookie year in the 450 Class!

Broc Tickle #20 – Yoshimura RCH Suzuki RM-Z450
In Moto 1, Tickle would get a decent start and would find himself in about 14th Place right behind current points leader Eli Tomac on the first lap. They would both begin charging through traffic towards the front of the pack. Unfortunately, a mistake towards the end of the moto would put Tickle back to 14th Place. Broc would regain his composure and hold on to finish the moto in 14th Place.
In Moto 2, Broc got a much better start and would find himself in about 7th Place on lap 1. Tickle found himself behind Marvin Musquin and kept him right in his sights through the entire race. They would both make their way through the pack and Broc would finish the second moto in 4th Place! Broc would end up with a 7th Overall for the day with a 14-4 finish. Broc Tickle currently sits in 8th Place Overall in the Championship Points Standings.

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