Hangtown 2017 – SoCal SuperTrucks

The Opening Round of the 2017 Motocross series was at Hangtown MX in Sacramento, CA. The RMATVMC team will have Dakota Alix on board the 450 to fill in for Davi Millsaps who had surgery on an injured wrist. Blake Baggett will be looking to come out swinging in his first 450 Motocross Season on the KTM. Broc Tickle is back on the bike after a wrist injury during the Supercross season and will hopefully be back to 100% soon.

Blake Baggett #4RMATVMC KTM 450SX
In Moto 1, Blake got a good start and would find himself sitting in about 5th Place. He would have some issues early on and find himself in about 10th Place by the end of Lap 1 and would have to fight to gain back those positions. Baggett did just that and would find himself sitting in 6th Place after just a few laps. He was within a couple seconds of 5th Place but made a mistake that would put him back to about 10 seconds off of 5th Place. Luckily he didn’t lose any positions and was able to hold on to 6th Place for Moto 1.
In Moto 2, Blake didn’t get as great of a start as he did in Moto 1 and would find himself in about 14th Place. Blake would have to charge hard in order to get back towards the front and earn more points. Baggett did just that and began passing one rider after the next in efforts to get towards the front of the pack. Blake charged all the way from 14th, to a 8th Place finish.

Davi Millsaps #18RMATVMC KTM 450SX
Davi will be OUT for most of the Motocross Season due to surgery on an injured wrist. Dakota Alix will be filling in for Davi Millsaps and this will be his first season in the 450 class.

Dakota Alix #70 – RMATVMC KTM 450SX
In Moto 1, Dakota didn’t get the start he had hoped for in his first 450 race and would find himself about mid pack. After making a few passes, he would move up to 15th and look to hunt down a few more riders. Alix would have some struggles and fall back a couple positions before the end of the race. Dakota would end up finishing his first ever 450 race in 17th Place.
In Moto 2, Alix would get another mid pack start and would sit just inside the top 20. Still getting comfortable on the new bike, Alix threw down some good laps and looked good on the 450. He managed to move forward and make his way into 16th Place by the end of the race.

Broc Tickle #20 – Yoshimura RCH Suzuki RM-Z450
In Moto 1, Broc would get a decent start and would find himself sitting just outside the Top 10. Tickle would make his way past a few riders and up to 8th Place after just a few laps. He continued to ride a solid race and ended up finished Moto 1 in a very respectable 7th Place!
In Moto 2, Broc got a great jump out of the gate and would find himself sitting in the 3rd spot! Broc was definitely looking comfortable on the bike here in Hangtown and threw down some great laps. Tickle rode hard in efforts of landing himself on the podium. Tickle managed to hold on to the 7th position by the time the race had ended.

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