How To Install a Ford Superduty 50″ LED Light Bar Mount

Step by Step Install Guide

Mounting a 50″ LED Light Bar Above the Windshield of a Ford Superduty

One of the biggest trends recently is adding a massive 50″ LED light bar above the windshield of your street truck. Back in 2012, using the BMF Wheels Ford Superduty Show Truck,  we decided to create a simple yet stylish mounting bracket for the Rigid Industries 50″ LED light bars. We at SoCal SuperTrucks never BMF Ford Superduty with 50" LED Light Bar Mount Installedimagined how many people would come to desire this look and the utility of a LED light bar. With race car styling and design we created a mounting bracket that was reasonably priced while having superior quality. The 1999-2015 Ford Superduty LED light bar mount roof brackets bolt inside the door jamb of the truck underneath the factory weatherstripping which prevents water from leaking into the cab. This also is an anti-theft feature because the mounting bolts are not accessible from the outside of the truck. The Ford Superduty 50″ LED light bar mount brackets are low profile keeping the LED light as close to the cab as possible while allowing clearance for factory options. Here is a quick step by step process of how to install the 1999-2015 Ford F250/F350 Superduty 50″ LED light bar mount roof brackets.

Step 1Step 1 - Install How To for Ford Superduty LED Roof Mount Bracket

Open the door of the truck and pull back the rubber weatherstripping at the top corner of the cab. Cut out the supplied templates and line them up with our easy to use marking points to ensure accurate holes to be drilled.

Step 2Step 2 - How to Install LED Light Bar Mounts on Ford Superduty

Mark the holes with a center punch through the template. Start by using a 5/64″ drill bit and drill a pilot hole on each mark. We recommend stepping up in increments to a 3/8″ drill bit size. This will be easier to drill and should create a clean round hole.

Step 3Step 3 - Install 50" LED Roof Mount Ford F250 F350

Take the supplied grip sert rivet nuts and push them into the holes so that the flange sits flush to the cab. We recommend applying a small amount of silicone around the splines to ensure a water tight install. Use a wrench to hold the center nut which will help prevent the rivet nut from spinning. Use a socket and ratchet on the bolt and tighten bolt as tight as possible. You will see the nut crush down while wrapping around the sheet metal cab on the backside.

Step 4Step 4 - Installing LED Light Mounts on Ford Superduty Truck

Install one side of the bracket onto the truck with the supplied stainless steel allen head bolts. Install opposite side light bar mount onto 50″ LED light bar. Now, bolt up light bar assembly onto light mount on the truck and drop the other side in place. Bolt up the light bar mounting bracket and adjust light bar to be level and tighten up all bolts.

Step 5Step 5 - How to Install and Wire a 50" LED Light Bar Roof Mount Ford Superduty

Run power wire down the a-pillar underneath the weatherstripping. Wire up the LED light bar to the specs provided by your lights manufacture. Enjoy!

SoCal SuperTrucks is the premier and original manufacture of LED light bar mount roof brackets. All of SoCal SuperTrucks’ LED light bar mount roof brackets are proudly made in the USA! We manufacture mounting brackets for 50″ Straight LED light bars, 50″ Curved LED light bar with a single post mounting bolt, and a 54″ Rigid RDS Radius LED light bar mount roof bracket.

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