Las Vegas Supercross 2017 – SoCal SuperTrucks

The Final Round (Round 17) of the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross was held at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, NV.  Our sponsored riders Blake Baggett #4 and Davi Millsaps #18 are just 2 points apart in the overall point and will be battling to see who will come out on top.

Blake Baggett #4RMATVMC KTM 450SX
In his Heat Race, Blake got off to a great start and rounded the first turn in 3rd Place. He immediately began his charge towards the top spot of the podium. He made his way into 2nd Place and set his sights on the pass for the lead. He waited for the right moment and after a tough battle, Blake would move into the lead! Baggett would earn his second career heat race win here in Vegas!
In the Main Event, Blake got off to another great start and rounded the first turn in 2nd right behind points leader Ryan Dungey. He lost a couple positions in the early race madness and sat in 4th for most of the race. A mistake later in the race would cause him to go down and lose several positions. Baggett would remount and work his way back up to 7th by the end of the race.
His 7th Place finish would secure him  the 6th Position in the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Series just 1 point behind his teammate Davi Millsaps. We can’t wait to see Blake rip it up outdoors in just a few weeks!

Davi Millsaps #18RMATVMC KTM 450SX
In his Heat Race, Millsaps got a great jump and would end up grabbing the holeshot! Davi began pulling away from the rest of the pack in what looked like a sure heat race win. A mistake would put MIllsaps on the ground causing him to lose several positions. He would put in a charge once he got going again but he ran out of time before the end of the race falling just one position short of a transfer spot and would head to the Semi.
In the Semi Race, Davi got another great start and would find himself in 2nd Place out of the first corner. An early mistake would put Millsaps over a berm and on the ground. By the time he got going again, he would sit in 15th Place and have a lot of work to do in just a short amount of time. He immediately began to charge towards the front, and with an amazing ride, he worked his way all the way up to 5th Place to earn a transfer spot to the Main Event!
In the Main Event, Davi wouldn’t grab a start like he did in the first 2 races and would sit about mid pack. Millsaps would fight hard to move towards the front. A slight mistake would drop him back a couple positions early on and make him work even harder. Davi would fight and work his way back up to 8th Place by the time the checkered flag dropped.
Davi would finish out the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross Season in an impressive 5th Place and would look forward to the Outdoor Season.

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