SoCal SuperTrucks Supported Supercross Team RMATVMC Take on Anaheim 1!

This past Saturday night marked the start of the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross season at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA.  The excitement and anticipation were high as the day lead up to the first gate drop of the year for team riders Blake Baggett, Benny Bloss, and Dakota Alix.


Blake Baggett

In Heat 1, Blake Baggett squirted off the starting line and around turn one in the lead, gaining the holeshot!  Unfortunately, competitors Jason Anderson, Cole Seely, and Eli Tomac were not far behind, and right away Blake had a battle on his hands.  Now the four would end up trading positions back and forth until Baggett ultimately settled into third place, where he finished the heat, securing a solid transfer to the main.

Lamentably, the start of the main event did not go as well for El Chupacabra.  He left the gate mid-pack, to find himself outside the top ten after the first lap.  Blake was fixed on picking up positions, and showed this by making his way inside the top ten and up to 8th  by the middle of the race.  He would then go on to lose a few positions, finishing the night in 12th place.

When asked about his performance Saturday, Baggett had this to say: “Tonight was a bit of a struggle.  I didn’t get the start I needed and just went backwards from there.  The first one is out of the way and we know what we need to do for next weekend.  We’ll regroup and come back strong at Houston.”


Benny Bloss

Benny Bloss had a less than ideal night of racing at the season opener, starting out with just missing out on a transfer position in his heat.  Things started to look up for Bloss, as he was able to take the holeshot in the LCQ and even pulled ahead several bike lengths.  He was on track to take the win, when a mistake in a difficult rhythm section caused him to have a hard get off, putting an early end to his night.


Dakota Alix

Dakota Alix ended up having an exciting night of racing as well at A1.  Even with a fall within the first lap of his heat, he was able to remount his his his KTM 250SX-F and battle his way to an impressive 8th place finish, taking him directly to the main.  As the gate dropped on the main event, he was able to steer around the pile up that ensued on the first lap and maintained a solid pace.  This consistency got him around the track to finish the night in 12th place.


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