SoCal SuperTrucks Supported Team RMATVMC Anaheim 2 Race Report & Gallery


Blake Baggett

Blake Baggett put in work testing all week leading up to Round 3 of Monster Energy Supercross at Anaheim Angel Stadium.  That work paid off early in the day with Blake qualifying 10th fastest, putting him straight through to the night show.  Fast forward to Main Event 1, where his excellent gate pick helped him get to turn one inside the top 3, a position he would hold the entire race and put him on the box!

In the second Main Event we saw Blake with another favorable start, albeit short lived.  Unfortunately, a collision with tuff block in the track would cause him to have a get off, and  loose precious positions.  But in true “El Chupacabra” fashion, Baggett remounted his #4 machine and charged through the field picking up enough spots to get him through the finish line in 10th place.

The final Main Event began as the first did with Baggett rocketing off the line in 3rd place!  He would remain in that position until about midway through the race, when eventually he fell back to 4th and ultimately became entrenched in a battle for 5th place that lasted the rest of the race.  Blake finished off the last race of the night in 6th place, securing 7th overall.  This now moves him up to 8th place in the 450SX championship Standings.

Blake went on to say, ““My starts were on tonight, I had the speed in all three main events and felt good out there. It’s unfortunate I went down in the second main event as I felt we had a chance at a podium tonight. We’ll put in the work this week and come to Glendale ready to get on the box.”


Dakota Alix

Dakota Alix started off the night with a less than favorable start, ending up with him buried deep in the pack at the start of his first Main Event.  He was, however, able to work his way up, gaining positions to cross the finish line in 14th place.

Regrettably, Alix’s luck was even worse in the second 250SX Main Event.  Although gaining a solid start out of the gate, he would ultimately go down early in the race, spraining his thumb, and causing him to sit out the rest of the night.

Photo Gallery – Anaheim 2 Qualifying


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