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Baggett Battles to 10th, Bloss 11th at Ironman MX | SoCal SuperTrucks Supported TeamRMATVMC Race Report

The season came to a wet and muddy close as the twelfth, and final, round of the 2018 Pro Motocross Championship visited Ironman MX in Crawfordsville, IN this past weekend.  Despite the unfavorable conditions, Blake Baggett was able to fight back to 10th overall, while Benny Bloss earned 11th overall .

Rider Report:
Photo Credit: Kardy Photos

Blake Baggett showed great speed right out of the gate, as he navigated the first turn inside the top five. Unfortunately, his moto came to a stop one lap later when the deep mud swallowed up his bike and forced him off. After getting his bike free and stopping in the mechanics area, Baggett re-entered the race at the very end of the field. Blake then put the charge on in the tricky conditions to work his way up to 16th by the time the checkered flag flew.

Blake again rocketed out of the gate and into the top five at the start of moto 2. He went on to maintain a consistent pace, finishing 5th. Along with his first moto finish, Blake’s moto-2 achievement earned him 10th overall, finishing the season 5th place in championship points.

“It was an okay day,” said Baggett. “My starts were good both motos, though being stuck in the mud did not help. Not where we wanted to finish today, but I am happy to end the season 5th in points.”

Benny Bloss’ confidence was high going into the last round, as he posted the 9th-fastest time in practice. His favorable gate pick allowed him to reach the first turn in moto 1within the top ten. After that, he briefly strayed off the track, which caused him to fall back to the middle of the pack. With conditions getting worse, Benny went down a couple of times in the deep mud. He got back on his bike, and proceded to make his way back up to 11th by the end of the moto.

Benny didn’t get the same upsurge out of the gate as he did in moto 1, and started the race deep into the pack of riders. He worked his way forward throughout the moto, and was able to finish in 11th place. With his first moto finish, Benny’s performance earned him 11th for the day and 7th place in championship points.

“It was a wild day,” said Bloss. “I couldn’t find a flow in the mud today, and it was unfortunate I had a few crashes. While I’m not happy with my finish, I am happy ending the season 7th in points.”

Dakota Alix didn’t line up for the final 250 round due to a shortened practice schedule caused by the wet conditions. He ended the season just outside of the top twenty in 21st.

Baggett Charges to 4th, Bloss 8th at Budds Creek MX | SoCal SuperTrucks Backed Team RMATVMC Race Report

Things really heated up last weekend as Round eleven of the 2018 Pro Motocross Championship series headed south to Budds Creek MX in Mechanicsville, MD, as this race ended up being on one of the hottest days of the season! Blake Baggett put in another impressive performance, coming in 4th. Benny Bloss placed well within the top ten, and Dakota Alix battled out half the riders, coming in 20th for the day.

Photo Credit: Kardy Photos

Blake Baggett

During practice, Blake Baggett gave everyone a preview of things to come, putting in the 6th-fastest time of the morning. He rocketed out of the gate in moto 1 and made it to the first turn inside the top ten.  He rode fast, picking up positions, and by mid-race found himself battling it out with Jason Anderson for 5th. Just as Blake was going in for the pass on Anderson, he made contact with the back tire of the 21 machine, causing Blake to go down. Luckily he only lost one spot by the time he jumped back on his KTM, and caught back up to make the pass, finishing in 4th place.

An even better start in moto 2 had Blake rounding the first turn inside the top five.  He kept his focus up and energy high as he moved forward, eyes set on the leader. He would go on to put in one of the best rides of the season, charging through the top riders all the way to 2nd where he would ultimately finish the race. His 4-2 scores put him in 4th overall.  With only one race left in the series, Blake holds onto 5th in the points standings.

“I felt good all day today,” said Baggett. “I knew I had the speed to run up front. I dug deep, and it felt good to get that 2nd-place finish in moto 2. We’ll come into the last round ready and looking to end the season with a win.”

Benny Bloss

Benny Bloss had a good start out of the gate in moto 1, starting the race inside the top ten. He didn’t let the fierce competition faze him and rode vehemently to cross the finish line in 9th place.

Another good launch out of the gate in moto 2 put Benny inside the top ten just after the first lap. He found his lines and combated the race leaders throughout the moto to finish in 8th place. With his moto 1 and moto 2 results combined, Bloss finished 8th on the day. He currently holds 8th place in championship points heading into the last round.

“I rode well today,” said Bloss. “My starts were there in both motos, and I just rode at my own pace out there. I’m looking forward to finishing off the season on the podium next week at Ironman.”

After a solid performance in moto 1 with a 19th place finish, Dakota Alix found himself on the ground during moto 2 in a first-turn pileup. He hastily got back on the bike and started to charge from deep in the pack. Alix rode aggressively and fought his way up to 19th by the time the checkered flag flew. Combined with his first moto results, his finish earned him 20th overall.

Baggett Charges to 5th, Bloss 9th at Muddy Creek MX | SoCal SuperTrucks Supported Team RMATVMC-KTM-WPS Race Report

It was yet another top ten weekend for SoCal SuperTrucks backed Team RMATVMC-KTM-WPS as the fifth round of the 2018 Pro Motocross Championship series made it’s stop at Muddy Creek Raceway in Blountville, TN. Blake Baggett hard charged it to 5th place overall, while Benny Bloss capitalized on solid starts to score a 9th place overall finish.

Photo Credit: Kardy PhotosBaggett_MX18_JK_MuddyCreek_1057

Blake Baggett

Blake started off the day of racing qualifying with the 4th fastest time, and when it came time for the gates to drop for moto 1, he looked confident and ready.  He rocketed out off the line, and rounded the first corner just outside the top 10.  In a matter of only a few laps, Baggett would break past 10th place and then systematically pick up position after position, ultimately reaching 4th, before the checkered flag flew.

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SoCal SuperTrucks backed Team RMATV/MC-WPS-KTM Finishes Strong at USGP

SoCal SuperTrucks backed Team Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-KTM-WPS took on the world this past weekend in at WW Ranch in Jacksonville, Florida at the MXGP World Championship’s stop in the US.  With Blake Baggett out for a procedure on his thumb, it was up to Benny Bloss in the MXGP class and Dakota Alix in MXGP2 to fly the American flag at the USGP.

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