Tech Install – 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD AMP Research Power Steps

Step by Step Tech Install

2015 GMC Denali 2500HD Diesel AMP Power Steps

2015_gmc_sierra_diesel_amp_steps_76147_wWe were fortunate to have received the first production sets of AMP Research Powersteps for the all new 2015 GMC Duramax Diesel trucks and wanted to share the installation process with everyone and our thoughts on how it went. With customers eagerly waiting with their new 2015 GM heavy duty diesel trucks we brought in a truck right away to see how they work. AMP Research is the premier manufacture of electric retractable steps and the first choice by SoCal SuperTrucks and our customers.


Unlike previous models of GM trucks, the 2015 Silverado / Sierra Diesel trucks require trimming of the front fender trim. AMP Research provides a template to tape to the body to show you where to cut. Remove some sheet metal screws to pull back the inner fender and plastic fender trim to gain access. For oversized tires, be sure to test fit the tire on the truck because additional clearance and trimming may be needed beyond what AMP suggests in the instructions.

2015_silverado_2500hd_diesel_amp_step_tech_install_step_ 01

After getting the trimming out of the way, you move on to mounting the linkage arms which come pre-assembled from the factory. The assembly bolts on to the truck using existing body bolts and have two mounting pads for extra strength allowing for a whopping 600lb capacity per side. AMP Research also provides some shims for production variances between vehicles to ensure a proper working power step on the 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD.

To install2015_silverado_2500hd_diesel_amp_step_tech_install_step_ 03 the rear linkage you need to locate the fourth sheet metal tab / hole from the front of the truck. Next, install the motor linkage arm assembly by installing the threaded clamping plate on top of the pinch weld and thread the supplied fastener into the clamping plate. Be sure to install the bolts finger tight only.

Now, slide the mounting T-nut into position, slide the Power Step running board back so the front end cap is against the front linkage and finger tighten.

2015_silverado_2500hd_diesel_amp_step_tech_install_step_ 04        

2015_silverado_2500hd_diesel_amp_step_tech_install_step_ 06

In order to prevent binding follow the AMP Research “specific torqueing order” listed in the instructions. Note: After each step of torqueing, the steps should deploy under their own weight. Now, install the motor onto the motor linkage assembly.

2015_silverado_2500hd_diesel_amp_step_tech_install_step_ 08Next, mount the controller to the support arm next to the battery under the hood. Attach the power lead to the positive terminal on the battery and the negative lead to the negative terminal. Route the wiring harness along the frame back towards the rear linkage. AMP Research provides cable ties to tie up the wire loom along the way for a clean install on your 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD Diesel.

2015_silverado_2500hd_diesel_amp_step_tech_install_step_ 11

Poke a hole through the rubber grommet near the front door on the underside of the body. Push the purple wires through the hole.


2015_silverado_2500hd_diesel_amp_step_tech_install_step_ 10

Now, pull up the front door sill plate covers and pull back the carpet to gain access to the wires coming through the floor board of the 2015 GMC Sierra Diesel crew cab truck.

2015_silverado_2500hd_diesel_amp_step_tech_install_step_ 12

Using the supplied Posi Twist connectors, attach the Plug and Play Module to the wiring harness. Plug in the module into the OBD II port in the truck and secure the wiring while re-assembling interior of the Diesel 2500HD GMC truck.

2015_silverado_2500hd_diesel_amp_step_tech_install_step_ 14Wire up the LED lights with the supplied but connectors and use a heat gun to shrink the tube to secure the connection. Stick on the LED lights in the proper locations with the double sided tape applied to the back of the light.

You are now finished and ready to enjoy your new 2015 GMC Sierra Denali 2500HD! The install of these AMP Research Power Steps went smooth and fast thanks to their all new Plug and Play Module and takes the headache out of wiring the steps. Now, if you are worried about using up your OBD II Port, AMP Research created a solution to that. AMP has an OBD II pass through harness which will allow to keep your OBD II port open while creating a secondary port for the Power Steps to plug into. Another great feature to these AMP Research Powersteps is; while they are in the up position with the doors shut they will hide the unsightly DEF tank on the outside of the passenger side frame rail.





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