Tennessee National 2017 – SoCal SuperTrucks

Round 5
 of the 2017 Motocross series was at Muddy Creek Raceway  in Mount Blountville, TN. The track showed to be rough and hard to pass on. Tennessee definitely brought some great racing and turned out to be a very interesting race!

Blake Baggett #4 – RMATVMC KTM 450SX
In Moto 1, Blake didn’t get the greatest start and found himself sitting in about 13th Place. The track proved to be a difficult one to pass on and this made Baggett work even harder. At the halfway point with 15 minutes left, Blake had moved up to 6th Place with the next 3 riders in his sights. In typical El Chupacabra fashion, Blake would begin his second half charge in this moto. Blake would move into the 3rd Spot with about 7 minutes left in the moto but would run out of time before catching the Top 2. Blake would finish a solid 3rd Place in Moto 1.
In Moto 2, Baggett got tangled up in a first turn crash and was down for about 8 seconds. He would get going again in 39th Place out of 40 and have a lot of work to do to earn any points in this moto. Just 5 minutes into the race, Blake had already got around half of the pack and moved into 20th Place and charging hard. At the halfway point, Blake had moved up to 10th Place. With just a minute and a half + 2 laps left in the moto, Blake made the pass on Weston Peick to move in the Third position. After a very impressive charge on a track known to be very hard to pass on, Blake would come from 39th to 3rd in Moto 2. This 3-3 finish would give Blake 3rd Overall for the day and he would continue to hold the red plate and the points lead. Tomac took the overall win which would put him 4 points behind Baggett.

Dakota Alix #70 – RMATVMC KTM 450SX
In Moto 1, Alix got off to a start just inside the Top 20 and would have his work cut out for him. Riding a great race he would move up to 14th Place by the halfway point. He would be able to hold his position for the rest of the moto and finish Moto 1 in 14th Place.
In Moto 2, Alix got off to another start inside the Top 20. He would sit in about 15th Place after the first lap. He would take on some battles and move up and down throughout the moto but would end up earning a 14th Place finish in Moto 2. This 14-14 finish on the day would earn him a 13th Overall for the day which puts Dakota Alix in 15th in the Championship Points.

Broc Tickle #20 – Yoshimura RCH Suzuki RM-Z450
In Moto 1, Broc got a decent start and would end up just inside of the Top 10 after the first turn. Broc would begin to pick riders off and would make his was up to 7th Place by the halfway point. After a moto full of passes and battles, Tickle would be able to hold on to the 7th Spot in Moto 1.
In Moto 2, Tickle went down in a first turn pileup with 2 other riders and would have to make a charge from dead last to try and earn any points in this race. Broc would regain his composure and begin to throw down some solid laps. By the halfway point, Tickle had moved all the way up into 15th Place from dead last. His charge wouldn’t end there. He would continue to keep his head down and charge all the way from 40th up to 12th Place by the time the checkered flag waved. This 7-12 finish on the day would give him 10th overall. Broc now sits in 5th overall in the Points Standings.

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