Thunder Valley 2017 – SoCal SuperTrucks

Round 3
 of the 2017 Motocross series was at Thunder Valley in Morrison, CO. The track was fast and the competition was stacked! Everybody was hungry for a win as the points race is starting to develop.

Blake Baggett #4RMATVMC KTM 450SX
In Moto 1, Blake got tangled up in a first turn pile up and found himself on the ground. He would remount at the very back of the pack and have a lot of ground to make up to earn some points. El Chupacabra would finally come out to play and he would start charging like we haven’t seen in a while! After just 10 minutes, Blake went from dead last to 12th and was still on a charge. About half way through the race he caught up to Tomac, Musquin, and Barcia in an intense battle for 4th Place! He was absolutely flying and was able to get around Barcia, then Tomac, then Musquin, and off to hunt down Seely for a podium position. Blake did just that and would pass Seely to move in the 3rd Spot and try to hunt down Anderson for 2nd. He would catch up right to the back of Anderson, but ran out of time and would finish Moto 1 in an incredible 3rd Place!
In Moto 2, Baggett would get a much better start and would find himself in 2nd Place out of the first turn right behind Broc Tickle! Blake would get around Tickle very early on to take the lead with Tomac following right behind him also looking for a win. Tomac would find his way around Blake on lap 1 to put Baggett back into 2nd Place. Blake wasn’t finished. Blake would stalk Tomac and would attack and take over the lead with about 13 minutes + 2 laps left in the race. Baggett would continue to ride an amazing race and pull away from the rest of the field. He pulled a 10 second gap on Tomac and took the win in the second moto which earned him the Overall Win for the Day!! Congrats to Blake and the whole RMATVMC KTM Team! Blake now sits in 3rd Place in the Championship Points just 2 points behind Tomac who sits in 2nd and 19 points behind the points leader Marvin Musquin.

Dakota Alix #70 – RMATVMC KTM 450SX
In Moto 1, Dakota rocketed out of the gate and came out of the first turn in 3rd Place! The first lap chaos would cause Alix to lose a few positions and he would be sitting in the 11th spot at the end of lap 1. He would regain his composure and start to put together some solid lines. Dakota would ride his way to a 13th Place finish in Moto 1.
In Moto 2, Alix would get another good start and sat just inside the Top 10 after the first turn. After the chaos settled, Dakota would find himself sitting in 14th Place where he would stand his ground for the rest of the race. Alix turned consistent laps and showed good speed.  Dakota Alix would end up with a 13-14 for the day which earned him a 15th Place Overall for the day.

Broc Tickle #20 – Yoshimura RCH Suzuki RM-Z450
In Moto 1, Broc got off to a great start and found himself sitting in 5th Place coming out of turn 1. After the first lap chaos, Tickle would move forward and was in 4th Place at the end of lap 1 with a podium position in sight. Tickle showed great speed but the rest of the pack was just as hungry for a podium spot. Tickle rode a great race and would finish Moto 1 in 8th Place.
In Moto 2, Broc Tickle would grab a handful of throttle right out of the gate and would come out of the first turn with the Holeshot! Baggett and Tomac would make their way by Tickle early on as they fight for the lead and Broc would slip back a few positions. Tickle would settle around 7th Place where he would sit for most of the race but would end up crossing the finish line in 8th Place. Tickle went 8-8 on the day for an 8th Place Overall at Thunder Valley. Tickle now sits in 8th Place in the Championship Points for the 2017 Motocross season.

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