Tough Weekend for SoCal SuperTrucks Backed Team RMATV/MC at Spring Creek MX | Race Report

It was a tough weekend for the Team Rocky Mountain ATV/MC as round eight of the 2019 Pro Motocross Championship came to Spring Creek MX in Millville, MN. 

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Blake Baggett’s first moto did not go as well as planed, as he would run into a big pileup right after turn one with a number of riders including Jason Anderson. He would soon go down again right after trying to make passes in the same section, as riders were going everywhere with the first lap conditions. As if that wasn’t a rough enough start, Blake went down for a third time on lap two on the face of the large catapult jump. Where most riders would call it a moto, #4 just put his head down, pulled a tear-off from his goggles and found a rhythm that would bring him from nearly a lap down back up to 17th position at the checkered flag. A better start in the second moto allowed Blake to battle inside the top ten the whole moto, crossing the finish line in 9th place at the checkered flag. He would earn 12th overall for the day.

“Today just didn’t go my way,” said Baggett. “The track conditions were tough and I didn’t have the luck I needed. The main thing is we leave here healthy and will be prepared for Washougal next weekend.”

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Justin Bogle used a good start in the first moto to battle at the tail end of the top ten early on. Maneuvering through the muddy conditions, Bogle was able to keep the power on to cross the finish line in 10th. Unfortunately, Moto two did not go well for Justin, as a run in with a lapped rider would damage his front brake and send him into the mechanic’s area to fix the issue. He returned to the race, working his way back up to 16th at the finish, earning 13th overall for the day.

“It was a rough day,” said Bogle. “I was riding well out there considering the conditions, it was unfortunate I had an issue in the second moto. Things are improving each week and I am looking forward to Washougal and doing well there.”

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Benny Bloss would have a tough first moto, as he would also run into the big pile up after the first turn. After going down multiple times and a stop in the mechanic’s area, Benny charged his way back through the field and crossed the finish line in 16th. Benny would come back in moto two to battle his way inside the top ten. He battled his way forward, breaking into the top five by the halfway point. He soon found himself defending his top five position from Eli Tomac, as the two battled for over a lap before Benny slid back one spot. Benny wasn’t done yet, as he put in a charge with three laps to go, dropping his lap time by 5 seconds making another run at Tomac before taking the checkered flag in 6th place to earn 10th overall for the day. This was Benny’s best moto back from his injury and shows that he is ready to battle inside the top five in the weeks to come.

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