Unadilla National 2017 | SoCal SuperTrucks Supported Team RMATV/MC Race Report

SoCal SuperTrucks backed Team Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-KTM-WPS came into round 10 of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross facing extremely inclement weather conditions which some may have seen as a major obstacle to overcome right out the gate.  Contrary to that notion, the team was barely affected by the muddy conditions created by the downpour.

Baggett_MX17_Unadilla_JK_1064Blake Baggett #4

When the gate dropped for Moto 1, Blake Baggett squirted into 3rd position as he navigated turn 1.  He proceeded to overcome 2nd place, and as the rain started coming down, he chose a fast-enough line through the muddy track to catch up to the leader.  Blake was knocking on 1st positions door throughout Moto 1 and eventually finished the race in a very respectable 2nd place.

The riders did not catch a break from mother nature for Moto 2, as the torrential downpour continued on.  Still, even with the track now starting to flood, as the gate dropped Baggett was able to start the race inside the top ten.  The extremely muddy conditions did, however, contribute to a mistake that caused Bagget to go down in the first few laps of the Moto.  Fortunately, he was able to re-mount his #4 machine to charge through the pack to 11th place!  With a 2-11 finish in the 450MX Motos, BB4 finished overall with a solid 5th place!  After the race Bagget said, “Today was a challenge out there.  While conditions were not ideal, I felt confident out there and showed even with my thumb injury I am still here to win a championship.  We are ready for these two last rounds to fight for this title.”

Alix_MX17_Unadilla_JK_1639Dakota Alix #70

As the gates dropped in Moto 1 Dakota Alix leaving the starting line just inside the top twenty. Despite the not-so-perfect track conditions, he persevered and steadily worked his way through the pack.  As he made pass after pass, he rounded the last turn and brought his KTM across the line in 13th place.

Even as the rain increased its intensity for the Moto 2 gate drop, Alix was able to leave the line in a solid starting position.  Again, he was able to overcome much of the pack to round out the race in 12th place.  His 13-12 score gave him an overall finish in 12th place.

Bloss_MX17_Unadilla_JK_1468Benny Bloss #34

Benny Bloss like his team mate Dakota Alix started Moto 1 inside the top 20 riders.  He went on to gain positions and finish out the Moto to take the 15th spot.

Bloss went on to face the adversity of increasingly worsening weather conditions in Moto 2, and overcame!  With a much better start, he was able to charge through the pack, going on to make his way into the top ten.  Maintaining focus and staying strong throughout Moto 2 proved favorably for Bloss, who secured an 8th place finish.  His collective finishes of 15-8 rounded out for a 10th place overall at Unidilla.

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